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*sulks in a corner* yes, I know... I haven't posted in awhile... -.-;;;

So, to sum up my life last week, here is a list-- ^__^
  • I went to the IML contest, it was pretty fun, except I made so many stupid mistakes on such an easy test... =_= *sigh* Though our Calculus team did get first place, ^^ and our school totally got pwned since we're the only team who got placed at all... =_= or maybe the Algebra I team got fourth place... don't remember anymore =_=
  • School is still lots and lots and lots of work.... and lots of tests
  • Still on the verge of failing Chem... =_= never thought AP Chem can be this challenging... but then I just kinda slept through Honors Chem last year and managed to ace everything... somehow? O.O maybe someone else did the work for me or something? o.o
  • Re-watched the Ouran anime at least twice since I started during the Thanksgiving party with my friends... man, this anime is seriously addicting =_=
  • I finally got to read Legal Drug! ^___^ except I really want to know what happened next... like who's Tsukiko and Kei... or what in the world does that Tattoo symbolize
  • I got obsessed with KAT-TUN's White X'mas.... like really obsessed... @_@
  • The Mock Trial Tryout was okay... except there were like 30 people trying out for the 12 spot of the lawyers... =_= well, half of them are either inexperienced or asked totally stupid questions anyway... so I think i have a good chance on making the A team...
  • One day, I will somehow get rid of procrastination... just wait... =_=
  • I made a really pretty wallpaper though, it was for a friend... and supposedly it's winter-themed... but err...well, here it is --
  • Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
  • For some odd reason, I actually kept my promise of keep writing the 30 memories stories ^^, well I finished another one: Sunset... and for some reason, I'm obsessed with impressionist paintings these days...
  • It's so cold these days... and I have a headache right now... hope I'm not running a fever =_= *goes to take temperature*
Well, here's #8. Sunset -- ^__^

Fandom: xxxHOLiC
Title: Painting in a Painting
Author: [ profile] ouranwind 
Theme: 08. Sunset
Parings/characters: Yuuko Ichihara / Clow Reed
Rating: G
Disclaimer/claimer: Nope, don’t own the characters… and don’t really know who owns the painting now
Summary: When Watanuki discovered a beautiful painting of sunset and a rare item in the treasure room, he couldn’t help himself to figure out the well-hidden story behind them.

*off to check on temperature... and read the newest Ender's Game book*


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