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I finished Wuthering Heights! It’s a really good book, can’t stop myself from reading it all the time... and almost got caught reading it in class once... ^^;;; Bronte’s style is really nice, and I guess she and Jane Austen will probably tie as my favorite from now on... well, I still got Orson Scott Card’s A War of Art to read though... lots of the new books to read... yay ^^

I went to an Asian party on Saturday and had fun with the Karaoke set with my buddies. ^^ ...though most of them were pretty old Chinese song. We had to dig really hard to find the few older songs we know... (Well especially me since most of the Chinese songs I can sing off of the top of my head were either this year or last year’s ^^;;;) But in the end, we did find some, like S.H.E.’s SUPER STAR, Joey Yung’s 挥着翅膀的女孩, Jolin Cai’s 说爱你... and I totally bombed Jay Chou’s 晴天... =_= but Jay Chou’s songs are hard to sing if you only listened to them for like once beforehand... ^^;;;

Ah, a meme snagged from [ profile] pink_for_flower  –nee-chan... ^^ I did it a long time ago, though I kinda forgot to post it ^^;;;

All about me and LJ...  )

o.O I haven’t post the other 30 Memories story I wrote of xxxHOLiC yet... wow, that was weeks ago...oh well, I’ll do that tomorrow... ^^;;; I’m such a procrastinator these days...

*off to multitask*
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I guess the fear of heights... though I've been on skyscrapers for who-knows-how-many-times. Well, I don't really look down, just standing on the top floor was frightening enough... -.-'

Oh, and Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia - the fear of long words =P

I realized how idiotic our graduation requirements are... apparently we're forced to take half of a government class and half of a economics class? o.O What in the world is half of a class?... I don't get how I'm going to take half an AP Government and half AP Microeconomics... =_= Ugh, the school board, what can I say about them ... And what was with the stupid requirement that we have to take Algebra II... well, I skipped it anyway...

Stayed up until two last night to read "The Jane Austen Book Club", guess it was an interesting book. Though I don't get why my friends were obsessed with it, it was an ok book... or maybe I missed the good parts since I skimmed through the pages toward the end since I was getting sleepy. Guess reading at two was probably not a good idea, though that's really the only spare time I can find to read that book... =_= besides on the way home when we picked up our other car from the repairing place...

I finally downloaded some of the theme songs from the Olympic Countdown Album... I loved the Chinese version songs the best. Though the English version had good melodies, but the singers' accents kinda spoiled the songs for me... oh well, I still like them anyway, just their Chinese songs better ^____^

*siiiiiiiiiiigh*  I wish I bought a ticket to the Olympic game, it'd be really exciting... well, ok, I have school -.-'

I'm still as obsessed with So You Think You Can Dance as ever, but I really love the choregraphies! last night ^___^ And their song choices are always pretty good too...

Just finished copy editing the interview questions for a friend in China... Apparently, he's applying for a school reporter job, well, it's a long story. But at least I feel accomplished that I finally finished editing it, it took quite a bit of work since he had some series sentence structure problems... now, I can enjoy my lunch peacefully ^^

I have no idea whether I should read the Twilight series first or watch Code Geass... =_= Hate choices, though I made the layout using the theme "Choices" =_=

Still no rain, the forcast said that it might rain on Saturady... great, just on the right day... *grumbles*


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