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Well, the PSAT was finally over... ^^ glad that I don’t have to worry about it anymore... the math and writing part were rather okay, though I think I kinda screwed up on the reading section. *sigh* oh well, it’s never been my specialty anyway... guess I’m not so sure about national merit then... -.-’

Well, I got the request from [ profile] jewelieishness -chan to upload some of my artworks... kinda a long time ago... ^^;;; Well, I finally overcame my laziness and scanned some of my artworks and uploaded to the artwork gallery after the PSAT since I had the day off... it’s here: Most of them are from last school year though, since I didn’t really get to have much free time this year... =_=

The new chapters of TRC and xxxHOLiC were... confusing? weird? surprising? -.-’ I don’t really know anymore... but either way, it was just really unexpected. Though I thought it’d be even more confusing, but then I kinda seemed to understand most of it, esp. when I read the xxxHOLiC chapter. Or maybe it’s the Chinese that helped... o.O I had no idea, but I can still understand Chinese pretty well, since I totally expected myself to be a heck lot more confused about the Chinese xxxHOLiC scans since it was such a confusing chapter. But guess not, though I’m very happy about that. ^^

Ah, I finally remembered to continue my 30 memories thingy, and I finished story 3 and 4 just this past week. [Hmm... glad lots were finished ^^] And they’re a lot longer than the first two, though honestly I don’t really like the plot of both that much... esp. since one of my buddies at school picked #19 for me to write next since it was her favorite theme, guess I failed that... =_=

Anyhow... here it is #19, I’ll save #1 for another entry since it’s quite lengthy...


Fandom: xxxHOLiC
Title: Language of Flower
Author: [ profile] ouranwind 
Theme: 19. Please Forget About Me
Pairing/Characters: Yuuko Ichihara – Clow Reed
Rating: G
Disclaimer/claimer: xxxHOLiC – CLAMP... no intention of pirating these days...
Summary: A few days before he leaves her world, Yuuko was left with few words. Instead, she decided to play an old game of flowers with him.

“...” indicates conversation; italics indicates thoughts.

For her, Yuuko Ichihara was such a complicated being to comprehend, unlike her lovely free-flowing rain. )

Hopefully, the young companion of Yuuko wasn’t that hard to identify. ^^ And I’m not really sure about the true flower meanings of chrysanthemums and rosemary, but then again, there’re so many different version of flower languages... -.-’

Well, the second grading period is not really that easy anymore... *sigh* life doesn’t have to be so harsh...

*off to do homework, and email about volunteering... and prepare for Quiz Bowl meet*


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