Feb. 6th, 2009 07:40 pm
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Well, I'm back from Hiatus. ^_^

It seems to be rather useless to take the break as I'm still procrastinating as usual as long as internet exist in the house. Plus, we also recently got DSL and wireless at home. Oh, yeah, did I get to mention that?...

Well, we always have free dial-up system from my parents' university, so we never bothered. Recently, apparently the bad economy made telephone companies offer low high speed internet plans. So, we got one. ^_^ Now, I no longer have to stuck in the university library for fast internet. XD

School is still busy, though it's really just events and projects that's totally getting me all stressed and busy. (well, except Calculus has been a headache.) Haven't slept any earlier then 1 for the past week. *sigh* Even caffeine is stopping work, at this rate, I'll be living on black coffee instead. (well, I hate black coffee though, need milk and sugar. ^^;;;)

Well, I'm rather running out of things to say. So I'll just go and catch up on Friend's page and finishing watching Bleach 121, even if the buffering thing is totally spoiling the mood at the most inconvenient time. -_-; (oh... the first Bleach movie isn't as exciting as the Second one, since Toushirou wasn't a main character and Ichigo wasn't a vizard. =P)
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I'm rather proud to announce that I'm back from hiatus... ^_^ I know that I'm like really behind on commenting and everything, so I'll try to catch up during this neat four-day weekend. ^^

So catching up No.1: Version 8.0 Winter Garden

Well, shame on myself since I just nabbed a premade layout and snatched a header on. ^^;;; Oh well, but I like how it turned out at least. ^^ The header perfectly reflects my recent obsession, while the inspiration came from my most recent wallpaper. (As you can see, I'm a copycat of myself... ^^;;;)

Free Image Hosting at

Catching up No.2: some ramblings on life


Second semester sure is busy. And the worst thing is that the teachers all decided to hand out projects at the beginning of the year. Is this some sort of unspoken rules or something? o.O Anyways, I think I just kinda got confused with all the MLK jr. speeches, history stuff, HTML tags, powerpoints, and French songs mixed in a gigantic pot somewhere in my brain.

The good news is that all the projects are going on nicely, the bad news is that stuff in my brain have experienced big bang is now just chaos. -_-;

Besides school, obsession mingles within my head too... -_-; I read about 270 something chapters of Bleach in the past week. I'm going to need an ophthalmologist appointment sometimes at this rate, even though it's still addictive. The second Bleach movie I watched was really good too, though I think that's just because Hitsugaya Toshiro was the main character along with Ichigo. -_-;

Nevertheless, I still want to ask myself: how in the world did I actually let myself read such a long series when I knew that it's like twice TRC's length? -_-;

I didn't finish reading TRC 209, but apparently R!Syaoran really died? o.O

Catching up No. 3 would be commenting, which won't a problem since I just gain lots of sleep last night. XD For the past week I've been relying on caffeine to keep me up in Physics, that stuff really works well...

*Off to comment and rewatch Bleach: Diamond Dust Rebellion*

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*sulks in a corner* yes, I know... I haven't posted in awhile... -.-;;;

So, to sum up my life last week, here is a list-- ^__^
  • I went to the IML contest, it was pretty fun, except I made so many stupid mistakes on such an easy test... =_= *sigh* Though our Calculus team did get first place, ^^ and our school totally got pwned since we're the only team who got placed at all... =_= or maybe the Algebra I team got fourth place... don't remember anymore =_=
  • School is still lots and lots and lots of work.... and lots of tests
  • Still on the verge of failing Chem... =_= never thought AP Chem can be this challenging... but then I just kinda slept through Honors Chem last year and managed to ace everything... somehow? O.O maybe someone else did the work for me or something? o.o
  • Re-watched the Ouran anime at least twice since I started during the Thanksgiving party with my friends... man, this anime is seriously addicting =_=
  • I finally got to read Legal Drug! ^___^ except I really want to know what happened next... like who's Tsukiko and Kei... or what in the world does that Tattoo symbolize
  • I got obsessed with KAT-TUN's White X'mas.... like really obsessed... @_@
  • The Mock Trial Tryout was okay... except there were like 30 people trying out for the 12 spot of the lawyers... =_= well, half of them are either inexperienced or asked totally stupid questions anyway... so I think i have a good chance on making the A team...
  • One day, I will somehow get rid of procrastination... just wait... =_=
  • I made a really pretty wallpaper though, it was for a friend... and supposedly it's winter-themed... but err...well, here it is --
  • Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
  • For some odd reason, I actually kept my promise of keep writing the 30 memories stories ^^, well I finished another one: Sunset... and for some reason, I'm obsessed with impressionist paintings these days...
  • It's so cold these days... and I have a headache right now... hope I'm not running a fever =_= *goes to take temperature*
Well, here's #8. Sunset -- ^__^

Fandom: xxxHOLiC
Title: Painting in a Painting
Author: [ profile] ouranwind 
Theme: 08. Sunset
Parings/characters: Yuuko Ichihara / Clow Reed
Rating: G
Disclaimer/claimer: Nope, don’t own the characters… and don’t really know who owns the painting now
Summary: When Watanuki discovered a beautiful painting of sunset and a rare item in the treasure room, he couldn’t help himself to figure out the well-hidden story behind them.

*off to check on temperature... and read the newest Ender's Game book*


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