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Ah, it's been a while... my new school kept me busy... esp. with unexpected summerworks, took me a long time to finish them all this week... and missed half of the Olympics =_=

well... at least I'm getting used to this school... and since this is like the fifth time I've changed school in my life, it's not really a big deal... -.-' Though I should totally send an admiration letter to the designer of the school... he/she sure is a genius at confusing students with weird floor plans... {I mean, putting a staircase in the back of the Physics room? o.O I've never seen a school where a staircase lead you to a classroom instead of a hallway... -.-'}

oh, before I forget, the meme snagged from [ profile] pink_for_flower -chan ^^
I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me. Something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. Ask away. Then post this in your LJ and find out what people don't know about you

changed my layout again... guess I just wanted something simple and not that complicated... [unlike my life right now...] guess I'll revert back to my CCS layout again when I feel like that my life needs more complications~

*off read read the assigned 76 pages of US History reading*

... though Chapter 63 of Ouran High School Host Club did bring some liveliness into my boring school life... ^^
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Stupid me forgot that July actually have a 31st... and my calender system is still screwed up... =_= or is it my computer instead? o__O It's doing something funny these days... yesterday it tried to boot up from my USB... o.O maybe my dad did install too much program on here,  and we really don't need stuff like photo-paint... -.-'

By now I should be glad that I no longer have the ability to panic... since it's a week and half away from first day of school... and I just started my summer reading... -.-' well, thank goodness it's just too thin plays... if I had three thick books and a journal  like [ profile] tiiresa and [ profile] aquaconkhi have to do... I'd probably be fried now... =_= Well, sorry buddies, MLK has less summer requirements than Hillsboro...

... am really sick of the MSN group keep sending me emails telling me that Fay and Kurogone are hot... I had long figured out that by myself... really, no need to emphasis that  every morning... =_= and really, do people crave for RP that much on MSN that they send 3 emails a day asking for RP buddies? *is probably shot*

I shall go do something about getting ready for school before my internetaholic ego eat me and order me to joing a bazillion fanlistings... =_=
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[Error: unknown template qotd] The Airport, demanding my money back...

My calender system is so messed up, at least it got today's date right... *grumbles and goes to fix it*

Maybe I should change my volunteering schedules, since 6 hours on Saturdays are pretty exhausting... but I did have loads of fun! ^^ My hands are still pink from the printmaking inks...

I guess I decided to read the Twilight series first, it's pretty addicting since I almost finished the book while I was having dinner at a friend's house yesterday. Though the characters I pictured was completely different than what I saw in the movie trailer [*cough* for some reason, I was very CLAMP-influenced, well, it's a vampire story... ], but I think I can accept that version too~ ^^

*is being ever indecisive* Well, I was determined to get a nice default userpic... so guess I made too much. I have no idea which one to choose, help? ~ =_= shoot, why in the world did I choose "choices" as my layout theme?


*Off to read Twilight and comment ^^*


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