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I'm rather proud to announce that I'm back from hiatus... ^_^ I know that I'm like really behind on commenting and everything, so I'll try to catch up during this neat four-day weekend. ^^

So catching up No.1: Version 8.0 Winter Garden

Well, shame on myself since I just nabbed a premade layout and snatched a header on. ^^;;; Oh well, but I like how it turned out at least. ^^ The header perfectly reflects my recent obsession, while the inspiration came from my most recent wallpaper. (As you can see, I'm a copycat of myself... ^^;;;)

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Catching up No.2: some ramblings on life


Second semester sure is busy. And the worst thing is that the teachers all decided to hand out projects at the beginning of the year. Is this some sort of unspoken rules or something? o.O Anyways, I think I just kinda got confused with all the MLK jr. speeches, history stuff, HTML tags, powerpoints, and French songs mixed in a gigantic pot somewhere in my brain.

The good news is that all the projects are going on nicely, the bad news is that stuff in my brain have experienced big bang is now just chaos. -_-;

Besides school, obsession mingles within my head too... -_-; I read about 270 something chapters of Bleach in the past week. I'm going to need an ophthalmologist appointment sometimes at this rate, even though it's still addictive. The second Bleach movie I watched was really good too, though I think that's just because Hitsugaya Toshiro was the main character along with Ichigo. -_-;

Nevertheless, I still want to ask myself: how in the world did I actually let myself read such a long series when I knew that it's like twice TRC's length? -_-;

I didn't finish reading TRC 209, but apparently R!Syaoran really died? o.O

Catching up No. 3 would be commenting, which won't a problem since I just gain lots of sleep last night. XD For the past week I've been relying on caffeine to keep me up in Physics, that stuff really works well...

*Off to comment and rewatch Bleach: Diamond Dust Rebellion*


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