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Wow... finally, my wireless worked... and I seemed to get the hang of it... ^^' Now I can torrent all kinds of stuff on my laptop too instead of waiting forever on my old desktop. -.-' though I kinda wasted the whole day on Youtube and Veoh watching anime...

Started on the 30_Memories thingy already... and I nailed 2 stories in one night... =_= guess I was really bored...but sure, the sooner I get it done, the sooner I get to try other things too... am still amused to try the 30_smirks challenge...

I'm still obsessed with... So You Think You Can Dance? I have no idea why... but it seems to be quite addicting... -.-' Well, I'm already missing the result show for ten minutes now...

Fandom: xxxHOLiC
Title: Cleaning
Author: Ouranwind
Theme: 16. Video Clips
Pairing/Characters: Yuuko Ichihara – Clow Reed
Rating: G
Disclaimer/claimer: the usual apply
Summary: As Yuuko “cleaned” out her treasure room, she found a video tape that contained something that she probably didn’t want to remember.

Yuuko Ichihara had never cleaned...  )
Fandom: xxxHOLiC
Title: For You
Author: Ouranwind
Theme: 23. Pink Carnation (I’ll ever forget you)
Pairing/Characters: Yuuko Ichihara – Clow Reed
Rating: G
Disclaimer/claimer: minor crossover with Wish
Summary: Mokona found a beautiful pink flower in the garden, and it wanted to know what it is.

“That I’ll never forget you…” He whispered softly into her ear. )
... um, they're really rough drafts... so feel free to give opinions and point out all the little grammar mistakes ^^... and a big advanced thank you! ^_^
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First off... Hayley, yeah I apologize about my stupid Gmail... no idea what in the world is wrong with it... but it keeps logging me off, and I'm too lazy to install AIM at home, since I have no idea how my laptop's wireless connection just worked like a miracle... but sure, I guess I'll just use it as long as it's not disconnected... -.-' [it does that once in a while... so I have to wait =_=... but I don't even know how it just worked...]

Anyway, um... decided to write fanfics again, I'm doing Yuko Ichihara x Clow Reed for 30_Memories... no idea why, but I just favor the couple... a lot... And it's easy to write memories for this pairing =_=

I wonder if I can read X/1999 using this weird connection...

25 more days till school starts again... I don't know why I have started this stupid countdown, since I don't even want my summer to end...

Oh, my connection is back again... ?!?!?! How does this thing work???

Almost forgot to mention... I still need a mood theme... -.-' Guess I'll have to make one myself... *siiiiiiiiiigh*


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