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[Error: unknown template qotd] The Airport, demanding my money back...

My calender system is so messed up, at least it got today's date right... *grumbles and goes to fix it*

Maybe I should change my volunteering schedules, since 6 hours on Saturdays are pretty exhausting... but I did have loads of fun! ^^ My hands are still pink from the printmaking inks...

I guess I decided to read the Twilight series first, it's pretty addicting since I almost finished the book while I was having dinner at a friend's house yesterday. Though the characters I pictured was completely different than what I saw in the movie trailer [*cough* for some reason, I was very CLAMP-influenced, well, it's a vampire story... ], but I think I can accept that version too~ ^^

*is being ever indecisive* Well, I was determined to get a nice default userpic... so guess I made too much. I have no idea which one to choose, help? ~ =_= shoot, why in the world did I choose "choices" as my layout theme?


*Off to read Twilight and comment ^^*
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[Error: unknown template qotd] 2 o'clock in the morning? It's the best time to make a prank call...  =P

Um... probably in the afternoon... ideal time to do whatever it suits my mood... and school's usually out too ^_^

I'm so bored that I ended up doing this writer's block thingy T_T... well there just isn't anything new here... -.-' Same ole Saturdays just go by with me volunteering in the library then reading like 3-hours worth of books in the afternoon... =_=

Though I did watch this nice French movie... what was it called again? Fauteuils d'orchestre... I thought I'd be improving my French by watching the entire movie... except I went on and enjoyed the whole movie and understood zero French. =_= Oh well, I can just complain when I walk into French III next year...

rele, someone out there with supernatural powers... whatever you have, make my days just a bit eventful! =_=


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