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Well, the PSAT was finally over... ^^ glad that I don’t have to worry about it anymore... the math and writing part were rather okay, though I think I kinda screwed up on the reading section. *sigh* oh well, it’s never been my specialty anyway... guess I’m not so sure about national merit then... -.-’

Well, I got the request from [ profile] jewelieishness -chan to upload some of my artworks... kinda a long time ago... ^^;;; Well, I finally overcame my laziness and scanned some of my artworks and uploaded to the artwork gallery after the PSAT since I had the day off... it’s here: Most of them are from last school year though, since I didn’t really get to have much free time this year... =_=

The new chapters of TRC and xxxHOLiC were... confusing? weird? surprising? -.-’ I don’t really know anymore... but either way, it was just really unexpected. Though I thought it’d be even more confusing, but then I kinda seemed to understand most of it, esp. when I read the xxxHOLiC chapter. Or maybe it’s the Chinese that helped... o.O I had no idea, but I can still understand Chinese pretty well, since I totally expected myself to be a heck lot more confused about the Chinese xxxHOLiC scans since it was such a confusing chapter. But guess not, though I’m very happy about that. ^^

Ah, I finally remembered to continue my 30 memories thingy, and I finished story 3 and 4 just this past week. [Hmm... glad lots were finished ^^] And they’re a lot longer than the first two, though honestly I don’t really like the plot of both that much... esp. since one of my buddies at school picked #19 for me to write next since it was her favorite theme, guess I failed that... =_=

Anyhow... here it is #19, I’ll save #1 for another entry since it’s quite lengthy...


Fandom: xxxHOLiC
Title: Language of Flower
Author: [ profile] ouranwind 
Theme: 19. Please Forget About Me
Pairing/Characters: Yuuko Ichihara – Clow Reed
Rating: G
Disclaimer/claimer: xxxHOLiC – CLAMP... no intention of pirating these days...
Summary: A few days before he leaves her world, Yuuko was left with few words. Instead, she decided to play an old game of flowers with him.

“...” indicates conversation; italics indicates thoughts.

For her, Yuuko Ichihara was such a complicated being to comprehend, unlike her lovely free-flowing rain. )

Hopefully, the young companion of Yuuko wasn’t that hard to identify. ^^ And I’m not really sure about the true flower meanings of chrysanthemums and rosemary, but then again, there’re so many different version of flower languages... -.-’

Well, the second grading period is not really that easy anymore... *sigh* life doesn’t have to be so harsh...

*off to do homework, and email about volunteering... and prepare for Quiz Bowl meet*
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Well, I'm back on LJ... good to be back ^^ Still don't remember my password... [nor username] of my old account... but I guess it'd be fine since there's a new one ^^... And I had fun tweaking the layout... "Style Contest" was an interesting layout style to tweak around... but guess it wasn't that bad... though I have no idea why I decided to do romance triangles instead... [had a good tsubasa layout int mind... -.-']

Volunteered all day today... kinda tiresome since I got less than 2 hours of real sleep last night... but it was fun doing the printmaking thingy and searching for holds in the library... except now my back is killing me... never heard of hurting my back after a night's sleep.... o.o

New addiction recently.... well, still hopelessly obsessed CLAMP fan, but I can't resist the urge to read X/1999, turned out to be a lot better than I thought it would be... but I can't wait to see the grown up version of Nokoru Imonoyama...^^ The good ole CLAMP school detectives... I should go read that again...

When is the next season of TMOHS coming out... *sigh*


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