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2019-01-16 09:07 pm
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2009-10-23 03:40 pm

Oh Where did the Time go?

Lack of updates again, at this rate, I'll be trolling around with a dead journal. -sigh-

Been attempting to finish up my uni applications during the long break, yet I still have 15 schools on my list. I don't think I can handle 15 long applications, except I have no idea which schools to drop. Sad story of my life, besides sleeping all day like a dummy.

I did manage to rewatch Code Geass again and cried fervently at the end again. Lelouch! -sigh at the epicness- Though it made me realize again how my life is going in circles, and that I'm always dwelling in the past not able to look forward to the future. Maybe that's why I'm stuck on my uni apps too. I guess I don't have to like conquer the world in order to move on to the future, but I guess at least I should stop dwelling on the past too much.

Pandora Hearts is depressing, as if the rest of my life wasn't bugging me enough. I still can't believe the fact that Jack is dismembered, and now Break lost his eyesight. What in the world did I miss in retrace 41????? -sigh- my poor poor Pandora cast, it seems now only Alice and Eliott are the ones that aren't damaged. -.-''' And I read something about the Nightlay's orphanage being used as raw materials for human experimentation???? I think it's probably that I really fail at Chinese, or someone mixed things up with Kuroshitsuji? (On another topic, I really look forward to the new Kuroshitsuji arc especially after the cliff of Chapter 38 =3)

I should probably change my profile info, since like half of my fandoms were finished or changed by now. -sigh- I was satisfied with the Tsubasa ending though, it was... proper enough.

no..., I was actually listening to the french radio...
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2009-07-28 08:27 pm
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Eek, I've gone dead again... at least only 2 weeks this time, oh wait, it's better than last time right? o_O For some reason, I keep doing this, I've even been called the cat with 9 lives... but that's a long story to tell, which will be saved for sanity's sake.

This is from [ profile] kinoha -nee-chan, which I was 11 days late on commenting...-.-'''

01. Anyone who looks at this entry has to post this meme and their current wallpaper at their LiveJournal. well, if you want to
02. Explain in five sentences why you're using that wallpaper!
03. Don't change your wallpaper before doing this! The point is to see what you had on!



I hope the 5 sentences isn't a requirement. I stole it from a friend, well because it's... pretty... >_< It makes me really wanna pack my bags right now and go to a Japanese hot spring. This summer has been so busy lately, it would be very nice to go enjoy one of those yoritsukis. *dreamy* oh, it came with desktop icons too! *happy* =3

Well the reason I kinda died again is because I have classes in the morning, for standardized tests (not that I want to go at all), and they keep giving me such a huge amount of homework, and that just messed my whole schedule up. >_< -sigh- Still got more to finish, but whatever. Procrastination FTW!  Well, my head is full of standarized test material though... -_-' it's... mesmerizing, not in the good way, almost brain-washing feeling...

Oh, I'm getting braces though, Just got my teeth washes last Thurs, and I'm getting my cavities filled this Thurs. D: (Got four... >_<) I hope it won't hurt much to have those metallic thingie put in my mouth... hopefully... *crosses fingers*

Don't think anything else exciting is happening, unless I count the lock-myself-in-my-room-to-do-summerwork-for-a-whole-week thing, with plenty of sarcasm as fillings, but that means I get to be more alive on here! =3

Livejournal thinks that I live Smyrna, TN? O_O O_O... but... I live in... music city.. =.='''...close enough but not quite yet...

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2009-06-28 05:41 pm
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A Midsummer Night's Dream

Livejournal told me that I haven't updated in 7 weeks... Oops..

Well I have arrived home from Gov school yesterday. It was a five-week program where I get to live on a college campus and experience college life while earning some colelge credits. It's an amazing adventure. >_< So sad now that I'm home. I'm terribly missing everyone, thank goodness for Facebook. So I got to talk to everyone all I want. =D


Life was amazing, except now I have to bond with standardized tests... >_< orz

Well, I am super duper behind on commenting... well, guess that's what I'm spending tomorrow doing?

Hm... just wondering, has Tsubasa or Holic finished yet? o.O
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2009-02-28 08:59 pm
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Follow the Butterfly~


One little compliment can make you feel great. So give me a compliment, anything in the entire world, even that my shoelaces are pretty. Put this in your journal. Once you get some comments, put that entry in a memory or tag and when you are feeling down, just go to that entry and this will remind you how great you are.

Comments are going to be screened so none of you will know if I'm uber-popular, who gets over 100 comments on this, or who's a total loser and doesn't get any
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2009-02-06 07:40 pm
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Well, I'm back from Hiatus. ^_^

It seems to be rather useless to take the break as I'm still procrastinating as usual as long as internet exist in the house. Plus, we also recently got DSL and wireless at home. Oh, yeah, did I get to mention that?...

Well, we always have free dial-up system from my parents' university, so we never bothered. Recently, apparently the bad economy made telephone companies offer low high speed internet plans. So, we got one. ^_^ Now, I no longer have to stuck in the university library for fast internet. XD

School is still busy, though it's really just events and projects that's totally getting me all stressed and busy. (well, except Calculus has been a headache.) Haven't slept any earlier then 1 for the past week. *sigh* Even caffeine is stopping work, at this rate, I'll be living on black coffee instead. (well, I hate black coffee though, need milk and sugar. ^^;;;)

Well, I'm rather running out of things to say. So I'll just go and catch up on Friend's page and finishing watching Bleach 121, even if the buffering thing is totally spoiling the mood at the most inconvenient time. -_-; (oh... the first Bleach movie isn't as exciting as the Second one, since Toushirou wasn't a main character and Ichigo wasn't a vizard. =P)
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2009-01-28 11:56 pm
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Hiatus... Again

Well, I tried my best not to announce this... but...

I'm going to be on HIATUS for a few weeks T_T

I'm still going to comment and reply, I think...It's still manageable.

But since it's like the busiest both when all extracurricular clashes, school teachers gets extra evil. (Do they all get PMS in January or something? o.O) And worse of all...

I signed up for the March SAT... so yeah, that pretty much means that I have to study like hell for the month of February. (Not to mention with AMC going on too... >.<)

So all this made me having no other solution but going on hiatus for a while...

Anyways, wish me luck on the SAT and AMC! ^_^ I'm really go need that...

*off to finish some homework due Friday, since she just had her worst luck ever and did the wrong English assignment >.<*

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2009-01-16 02:24 pm

Catching Up

I'm rather proud to announce that I'm back from hiatus... ^_^ I know that I'm like really behind on commenting and everything, so I'll try to catch up during this neat four-day weekend. ^^

So catching up No.1: Version 8.0 Winter Garden

Well, shame on myself since I just nabbed a premade layout and snatched a header on. ^^;;; Oh well, but I like how it turned out at least. ^^ The header perfectly reflects my recent obsession, while the inspiration came from my most recent wallpaper. (As you can see, I'm a copycat of myself... ^^;;;)

Free Image Hosting at

Catching up No.2: some ramblings on life


Second semester sure is busy. And the worst thing is that the teachers all decided to hand out projects at the beginning of the year. Is this some sort of unspoken rules or something? o.O Anyways, I think I just kinda got confused with all the MLK jr. speeches, history stuff, HTML tags, powerpoints, and French songs mixed in a gigantic pot somewhere in my brain.

The good news is that all the projects are going on nicely, the bad news is that stuff in my brain have experienced big bang is now just chaos. -_-;

Besides school, obsession mingles within my head too... -_-; I read about 270 something chapters of Bleach in the past week. I'm going to need an ophthalmologist appointment sometimes at this rate, even though it's still addictive. The second Bleach movie I watched was really good too, though I think that's just because Hitsugaya Toshiro was the main character along with Ichigo. -_-;

Nevertheless, I still want to ask myself: how in the world did I actually let myself read such a long series when I knew that it's like twice TRC's length? -_-;

I didn't finish reading TRC 209, but apparently R!Syaoran really died? o.O

Catching up No. 3 would be commenting, which won't a problem since I just gain lots of sleep last night. XD For the past week I've been relying on caffeine to keep me up in Physics, that stuff really works well...

*Off to comment and rewatch Bleach: Diamond Dust Rebellion*

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2008-12-31 03:55 pm
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Farewell to 2008

Whew... that icon compilation was way more troublesome then I thought. -_-; But at least I finished it all ^__^, yay! Can't believe it's the last day of 2008, though I do kinda remember saying something along this line last year too... ^^;;;; Well, time just flies too quick -_-'

Well, I haven't really got a chance to explain my header... the images are all from Special A... of Hikari more specifically. It's a pretty neat manga. (at least one of the few on my reading list and addicted list... ^^;) And I kinda just went with the classy black and white color theme since... well 1). I'm rather lazy to get the header colored, 2) Black and white looks cool for a new year, 3). Well, it's just classy ^^;;;

6 days till school starts again... *siiigh* Time really is merciless, ne? =_= well, I better start planning...



IT'S 2009!! ^_^

*off to watch Ouran... or something else*

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2008-12-30 10:42 am
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2008 Icon Compilation

I had this idea for a while now, since I started to make icons this summer... >.< (yeah, rather short time) so why not compiling them all together at the end of the year. So this is the actual compilation. ^^ I organized them by series, and then in each series, they are organized by the date I made them, earliest to most recent, just to show how they changed. Guess I did improve over time... ^^;;;

[1-2] Boushojo Senshi Sailor Moon
[3-9] (CLAMP) Card Captor Sakura
[10-14] (CLAMP) Chobits
[15-17] (CLAMP) xxxHOLiC
[18-27] (CLAMP) Magic Knight Rayearth
[28-38] (CLAMP) Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
[39-43] (CLAMP) X/1999
[44-54] La Corda d'Oro
[55-66] Ouran High School Host Club
[67-75] The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi
[76-79] Vampire Knight
[80-82] (Yuu Watase) Fushigi Yugi: Genbu Kaiden
[83-84] (Yuu Watase) Ultra Maniac
[85-87] Charisma Doll
[88-106] Misc. Manga works

[107-108] Celeb
[109-111] House M.D.
[112-118] Stock
[119-123] Stock (kinda...)

Icon madness? )

Whew! *hands are dying*

That's a lot of codes to paste... ^^;;;
This is the first icon of this year: and this is the last: (made for [ profile] 2baki-chan as a Christmas gift ^^)

Well, that was... um... kinda fun... the collection part was fun, but putting them together was not... >.<
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2008-12-27 11:47 am
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*is aware that her journal looks very messed up in IE6*

So... I thought since it's a new year, I'll get myself a new layout. And I actually kept my promise and made one myself... so guess what happened? Smooth Sailing can be quite a HEADACHE... I don't really know how this looks in Firefox, though last night at 12 on my test journal... it looked absolutly fine... -.-;;; Well... I'll see whether I can fix it or not. Sorry if it looks all funky and messed up now. ^^;;;
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2008-12-23 01:06 pm
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Well... I seem to have the habit of posting daily now after the happiness meme... ^^;;; Can't believe Christmas is almost here though... ^__^ wow, time sure flies... and I should probably go make my New Year's resolution soon... and also the list of things to do before 2008 ends... since only my desk is currently inhabitable in my room right now... -_-'

Happy Holidays, Minna-san! ^__^

And here goes a meme snagged from [ profile] kinoha -nee-chan ^^... kinda old... but I just decided to wait till the end of the year... ^^;;;
Meme 2008 )
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2008-12-06 08:14 pm

Frozen in December

*sulks in a corner* yes, I know... I haven't posted in awhile... -.-;;;

So, to sum up my life last week, here is a list-- ^__^
  • I went to the IML contest, it was pretty fun, except I made so many stupid mistakes on such an easy test... =_= *sigh* Though our Calculus team did get first place, ^^ and our school totally got pwned since we're the only team who got placed at all... =_= or maybe the Algebra I team got fourth place... don't remember anymore =_=
  • School is still lots and lots and lots of work.... and lots of tests
  • Still on the verge of failing Chem... =_= never thought AP Chem can be this challenging... but then I just kinda slept through Honors Chem last year and managed to ace everything... somehow? O.O maybe someone else did the work for me or something? o.o
  • Re-watched the Ouran anime at least twice since I started during the Thanksgiving party with my friends... man, this anime is seriously addicting =_=
  • I finally got to read Legal Drug! ^___^ except I really want to know what happened next... like who's Tsukiko and Kei... or what in the world does that Tattoo symbolize
  • I got obsessed with KAT-TUN's White X'mas.... like really obsessed... @_@
  • The Mock Trial Tryout was okay... except there were like 30 people trying out for the 12 spot of the lawyers... =_= well, half of them are either inexperienced or asked totally stupid questions anyway... so I think i have a good chance on making the A team...
  • One day, I will somehow get rid of procrastination... just wait... =_=
  • I made a really pretty wallpaper though, it was for a friend... and supposedly it's winter-themed... but err...well, here it is --
  • Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
  • For some odd reason, I actually kept my promise of keep writing the 30 memories stories ^^, well I finished another one: Sunset... and for some reason, I'm obsessed with impressionist paintings these days...
  • It's so cold these days... and I have a headache right now... hope I'm not running a fever =_= *goes to take temperature*
Well, here's #8. Sunset -- ^__^

Fandom: xxxHOLiC
Title: Painting in a Painting
Author: [ profile] ouranwind 
Theme: 08. Sunset
Parings/characters: Yuuko Ichihara / Clow Reed
Rating: G
Disclaimer/claimer: Nope, don’t own the characters… and don’t really know who owns the painting now
Summary: When Watanuki discovered a beautiful painting of sunset and a rare item in the treasure room, he couldn’t help himself to figure out the well-hidden story behind them.

*off to check on temperature... and read the newest Ender's Game book*

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2008-11-05 09:49 pm

The Swaying Feelings

I forgot to post the other 30 Memories fiction on here... so guess I actually remembered ^^;;;

School is still busy as usual... and I spent my election break making a new layout for my other blog... and I liked how it turned out... it's the first link on my link section... I think... ^^;;; (the title is "Rainy Concerto")

... and yay for Obama winning the election... there's so much excitement at school, though it is a bit ironic how our state is always the Republican state, and we're like one of the three counties that are actually democrat counties... ^^;;;

Well, one with my story then~

Fandom: xxxHOLiC
Title: Interview
Author: [ profile] ouranwind 
Theme: 01. Ten Years Ago…
Pairing/Characters: Yuuko Ichihara – Clow Reed
Rating: G
Disclaimer/claimer: borrowed Karen from X/1999, all owned by CLAMP
Summary: Yuuko supplied for a teaching position and got herself into an awkward interview.

“Why it was a long time ago,” Yuuko glanced down at the small one and drank from a glass of sake, “says, about ten years ago I believe.” )

    Well, that was a long story... probably the longest pure fanfic I’ve ever written. ^^;;; On with my next theme then, time with to bond with Mr. Renoir ^^

    *off to finish homework... or to get some nice sleep*

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2008-11-02 05:50 pm
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Chessboard of Life

I finished Wuthering Heights! It’s a really good book, can’t stop myself from reading it all the time... and almost got caught reading it in class once... ^^;;; Bronte’s style is really nice, and I guess she and Jane Austen will probably tie as my favorite from now on... well, I still got Orson Scott Card’s A War of Art to read though... lots of the new books to read... yay ^^

I went to an Asian party on Saturday and had fun with the Karaoke set with my buddies. ^^ ...though most of them were pretty old Chinese song. We had to dig really hard to find the few older songs we know... (Well especially me since most of the Chinese songs I can sing off of the top of my head were either this year or last year’s ^^;;;) But in the end, we did find some, like S.H.E.’s SUPER STAR, Joey Yung’s 挥着翅膀的女孩, Jolin Cai’s 说爱你... and I totally bombed Jay Chou’s 晴天... =_= but Jay Chou’s songs are hard to sing if you only listened to them for like once beforehand... ^^;;;

Ah, a meme snagged from [ profile] pink_for_flower  –nee-chan... ^^ I did it a long time ago, though I kinda forgot to post it ^^;;;

All about me and LJ...  )

o.O I haven’t post the other 30 Memories story I wrote of xxxHOLiC yet... wow, that was weeks ago...oh well, I’ll do that tomorrow... ^^;;; I’m such a procrastinator these days...

*off to multitask*
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2008-10-23 04:52 pm
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Autumn Snow

*floods her journal with memes*

Stolen from [ profile] jurindel -san ^^

Book meme )


Fandom meme

I. List up to a maximum of 30 fandoms.
II. Have your f'list guess your Favourite Character and OTP in each of those fandoms.
III. If any are guessed correctly bold the fandom, list the Favourite Character and OTP and mention who guessed right.

1. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle [ Fay -
[ profile] jurindel ; Kuro/Fay - [ profile] pink_for_flower ; ]
2. xxxHOLiC [Yuuko - [ profile] jurindel ; Yuuko/Clow - [ profile] jurindel ]
3. Ouran High School Host Club [Tamaki - [ profile] pink_for_flower ;]
4. Vampire Knight
5. Magic Knight Rayearth - [Umi - [ profile] pink_for_flower  & [ profile] kinoha ; ]
6. Chobits [Hideki/Chii - [ profile] pink_for_flower ]
7. La Corda d'Oro [Len - [ profile] jewelieishness ;]
8. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya [Yuki Nagato - [ profile] jewelieishness ;]
9. Godchild [Cain - [ profile] jurindel ]
10. X/1999 [ Kamui - [ profile] pink_for_flower ]
11. Tokyo Babylon [Hokuto - [personal profile] kinoha; Senshiro/Subaru - [profile] jurindel  ]
12. Fruits Basket - [Yuki/Tohru -[profile] pink_for_flower ]
13. Meru Peri [Jeile -[personal profile] kinoha ; ]
14. Harry Potter [Fred & George Weasley -
[profile] pink_for_flower ; Ron/Hermione - [profile] jurindel ]
15. House [ House -
[profile] jurindel ; Chase/Cameron - [profile] jurindel ]

I don't really have OTP for some of them... and some of them are minor characters too ^^;;;


and stolen from[profile] jewelieishness  -chan ^^

Go to and type in your answer to each question in the search box, then write the FIRST definition it gives you."
Look in to see some randomness of web... )

well... that was... bizarre?

at least it did get me out of my depressed mode since I utterly failed my chem test... it was the ... worst test I've ever taken in the history of my life... however, I do get a funny feeling that the record probably will be broken in no time... =_=

*goes to read TRC 202*

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2008-10-17 05:55 pm

Meeting in front of the Lemonade Stands

Well, the PSAT was finally over... ^^ glad that I don’t have to worry about it anymore... the math and writing part were rather okay, though I think I kinda screwed up on the reading section. *sigh* oh well, it’s never been my specialty anyway... guess I’m not so sure about national merit then... -.-’

Well, I got the request from [ profile] jewelieishness -chan to upload some of my artworks... kinda a long time ago... ^^;;; Well, I finally overcame my laziness and scanned some of my artworks and uploaded to the artwork gallery after the PSAT since I had the day off... it’s here: Most of them are from last school year though, since I didn’t really get to have much free time this year... =_=

The new chapters of TRC and xxxHOLiC were... confusing? weird? surprising? -.-’ I don’t really know anymore... but either way, it was just really unexpected. Though I thought it’d be even more confusing, but then I kinda seemed to understand most of it, esp. when I read the xxxHOLiC chapter. Or maybe it’s the Chinese that helped... o.O I had no idea, but I can still understand Chinese pretty well, since I totally expected myself to be a heck lot more confused about the Chinese xxxHOLiC scans since it was such a confusing chapter. But guess not, though I’m very happy about that. ^^

Ah, I finally remembered to continue my 30 memories thingy, and I finished story 3 and 4 just this past week. [Hmm... glad lots were finished ^^] And they’re a lot longer than the first two, though honestly I don’t really like the plot of both that much... esp. since one of my buddies at school picked #19 for me to write next since it was her favorite theme, guess I failed that... =_=

Anyhow... here it is #19, I’ll save #1 for another entry since it’s quite lengthy...


Fandom: xxxHOLiC
Title: Language of Flower
Author: [ profile] ouranwind 
Theme: 19. Please Forget About Me
Pairing/Characters: Yuuko Ichihara – Clow Reed
Rating: G
Disclaimer/claimer: xxxHOLiC – CLAMP... no intention of pirating these days...
Summary: A few days before he leaves her world, Yuuko was left with few words. Instead, she decided to play an old game of flowers with him.

“...” indicates conversation; italics indicates thoughts.

For her, Yuuko Ichihara was such a complicated being to comprehend, unlike her lovely free-flowing rain. )

Hopefully, the young companion of Yuuko wasn’t that hard to identify. ^^ And I’m not really sure about the true flower meanings of chrysanthemums and rosemary, but then again, there’re so many different version of flower languages... -.-’

Well, the second grading period is not really that easy anymore... *sigh* life doesn’t have to be so harsh...

*off to do homework, and email about volunteering... and prepare for Quiz Bowl meet*
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2008-09-22 04:04 pm
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Love from Neverland~

Eek... I had so much homework last weekend... guess that's probably why I'm so behind on everything... including LJ... =_= sorry about that. But after writing three essays straight, volunteering, going to the quiz bowl meet, studying for the PSAT, filling some application for Gov. School, and finishing other random homework., man, I feel tired. And the thing is that I didn't even realize the amt. of work I did after I finished everything... guess I am getting better at the huge workload since I watched Marie Antoinette in between... it was a pretty good movie, thought the plot rather lacked excitement, as all they did was eat, then sleep, then party, then sleep... =_=

Anyhow... ignore all my rantings... but the meme madness still continues!  yay! ^^ Now I get to do more memes...

All stolen from [ profile] kinoha -nee-chan~  XDD

No kidding... this really is a lot of memes... =_= )

Oh wow... this is insanely long... probably not a good idea to put them all together... -.-'

I realized that I never used this icon much... *points above* maybe I should change it? o.O

*off to catch up... a lot*

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2008-09-19 05:27 pm
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September’s Beethoven

Well, technically I should be reading about a lab about Butane and researching about Shohone Indians right now... but oh well, it’s been a long day. Now I actually have trouble trying to stay awake in some classes... and pretty much the pattern is that I get a lot more sleepy in classes that the teacher keep going over old stuff... –cough- Physics and French –cough-

Memes again... ^^

Snagged from[ profile] pink_for_flower– chan... (I do steal a lot of meme from you, don’t I? ^^;)

Computer Spying Meme
1. Comment with a request to see absolutely anything on my desktop - wallpaper, music, image folders, homepage, email, the site I'm on right now, iTunes, favorite manga, porn, etc.
2. I will respond with a screenshot of the very thing you requested.
3. In return, you will spread this meme like a disease

And this one is nabbed from[ profile] jewelieishness -chan..

01) Bold what is true about you.
02) Italicize what is half true.
03) Underline what you wish was true about you.
04) Add one true thing about you to the end of the list.
05) Tag five LJ friends.
06) Ask me anything about the bold/italicized/underlined.

The meme itself... )
Ah... I’ll just ignore #5... consider yourself tagged if you want to do it. ^^

*off for more homework so she can actually go to sleep early today...*
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2008-08-17 01:35 pm
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Ignitioned Cycle -

Ah, it's been a while... my new school kept me busy... esp. with unexpected summerworks, took me a long time to finish them all this week... and missed half of the Olympics =_=

well... at least I'm getting used to this school... and since this is like the fifth time I've changed school in my life, it's not really a big deal... -.-' Though I should totally send an admiration letter to the designer of the school... he/she sure is a genius at confusing students with weird floor plans... {I mean, putting a staircase in the back of the Physics room? o.O I've never seen a school where a staircase lead you to a classroom instead of a hallway... -.-'}

oh, before I forget, the meme snagged from [ profile] pink_for_flower -chan ^^
I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me. Something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. Ask away. Then post this in your LJ and find out what people don't know about you

changed my layout again... guess I just wanted something simple and not that complicated... [unlike my life right now...] guess I'll revert back to my CCS layout again when I feel like that my life needs more complications~

*off read read the assigned 76 pages of US History reading*

... though Chapter 63 of Ouran High School Host Club did bring some liveliness into my boring school life... ^^